Are you Stressed?

We all have told someone who we were stressed out about someone or something like that project that you are working on or that meeting that you have coming up on monday. There are lots of things that make us stress but the bad news it that can kill you. So the next time your teacher says that you have all semester to do this project do it early and laugh at everyone that did not. Laugh in you head you do not want to start a fight. So planing is the first step in this de-stressed and then plan to have fun too. Fun need to be in you life too most people will tell you that you do not but ask yourself are they stress out. So what every you need to do to calm yourself and get stress out of you life do it your heart will thank you.


2 thoughts on “Are you Stressed?

  1. This is very true. I have to remind myself, one assignment at a time. Always easier said than done. I have high blood pressure and I have had it now for at least 4 years. I am sure most of it is stress and I need to try to manage it better! I wish I knew how to especially during exam times :/ haha

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