The Holiday’s are here again

I love the holidays you have great friends and food to share. You give and get gifts from all of your loved one’s. The best part about the holidays if you ask me is all the time you get to spend doing nothing. You may thing I am off my rocker but think about it you never have the time to take a nap, play a game with your family, go on a car ride for no reason, read a book, or just watch tv. Most of the time you have work or school. There is stress over the holidays too but you have to take the good with the bad. Everyone has that on person in their family they wish was not there but that is family. So what do you like about the holidays is it the food, friends, or the time off to do nothing what ever you like doing have a great holiday.


3 thoughts on “The Holiday’s are here again

  1. I have that certain family member in my family too but my family is huge so I don’t see them all that much except for holidays. We usually have around 60 people at my mamaw and papaw’s house on Christmas and we will all buy dart guns and turn over the furniture and divide up into 2 teams and have dart gun wars all day.

  2. I love the holidays and also love the time that I get to spend with my mother. Since she teaches and I am always busy with school, we always revolve our schedules around her work schedule or my school schedule. I also love being able to sleep in and not worry about having homework to do. My mother and I can enjoy ourselves and we are able to go and do things without the constant worry. The holidays are always a good time for baking and shopping and to enjoy the people that you have in your life, because you never know what the next year may bring.

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