End of the world?

Everyone is going crazy and saying the world is going to end this year because of an old Mayan calendar. Why is the world say easy to get into a world-wide panic? Do we all listen to what every one person says. I am tell you that I am not follow this main stream trend and you should look in to this yourself before listening to the news or the internet. The internet is great for information but most of the information is not correct by itself. You have to look at more than one site like research universities is a great place to start if you want to know the truth.

The next time you watch the news I want you to look up one story and see if there facts are right. You will see that the news is not telling you all the truth so you have to learn to think on your own again. When you where a starting to grow up you always asked why did you do this. You did not take no for an answer but you learned more when you where younger than you learn when you are an adult. So I ask you this when is the last time you asked why ?


One thought on “End of the world?

  1. This is a good piece of advice.. It is quite sad to think so many people do not think for themselves anymore… I spoke with many people about the election and most people were just quoting information they had heard from someone else without doing their own homework. This makes me think of a photo I once saw of a toilet drain falling into the backs of people’s television sets, haha

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