Thanksgiving or “Trukey Day”

Most people say they hate the holidays but if you ask the same person what was the last song that was stuck in your head. Most of the time it is a holiday song. I love music this happens to me all the time. Right now the song that keep getting stuck is let it snow, and it beginning to look a lot like christmas. The food is my favorite part of thanksgiving and christmas. Then you have all of you loved one’s to share the food and a good time. I like watching its a wonderful life just after thanksgiving day. Most people go out and spent all of their money on the great deal that are going on black friday. I have done that a few time but the lines are way to long and people are animals to save a few dollars on a pair of socks. The store look like they when through a storm and that make the employee work some much harder. I would not want to work that day but most people have to work because the stores do make a lot of money. They do not give their employees a cut of that if they did more people would want to work that day. So what I am getting at is when you are out shopping on black friday do the employees a favor clean up a mess if you where the one who made it. So what are you going to do for thanksgiving? I am going to eat turkey, then sleep for a day, then finish a few projects that I have left for the rest of the school year.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving or “Trukey Day”

  1. I love when the holidays start rolling around because I love to eat also. And Thanksgiving and Christmas is my two favorite holidays. As for the black friday shopping, I do hate standing in line, and I do think people should help the employees out by cleaning up after yourselves. As for me I am going to make sure I do that because we like to do the black friday shopping usually for just a couple big things where we can save around 300 dollars.

  2. Honestly, I have never really liked thanksgiving but, it does indeed bother me that people skip thanksgiving all together most of the time. Maybe it just comes down to flaws in our society.

  3. I am just excited to have a few days off of work. My family does not live in this area, so I will be spending Thanksgiving with my husband and his family. I am all about the food, but I also enjoy the time that we get to spend together. On the day after Thanksgiving, I usually receive an invitation to one of our friend’s house and we eat more food and play more games. I have never been a black friday shopper and I do not think I ever will be since I cannot handle huge crowds.

  4. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love all of the wonderful food, desserts are usually my favorite, and my aunt makes this special dessert for me every year. I enjoy spending time with all of my family and simply relaxing for a couple of days. As for black Friday shopping it is kind of a tradition for some of my family and me. We like getting good deals but it is mainly just something we do to spend time together. We are not these hard core people who wait in line for hours for a certain product we just go and make a day out of it and if we find good deals then that’s good if not we have spent the day together and that is really what matters.

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