The Holiday’s are here again

I love the holidays you have great friends and food to share. You give and get gifts from all of your loved one’s. The best part about the holidays if you ask me is all the time you get to spend doing nothing. You may thing I am off my rocker but think about it you never have the time to take a nap, play a game with your family, go on a car ride for no reason, read a book, or just watch tv. Most of the time you have work or school. There is stress over the holidays too but you have to take the good with the bad. Everyone has that on person in their family they wish was not there but that is family. So what do you like about the holidays is it the food, friends, or the time off to do nothing what ever you like doing have a great holiday.


End of the world?

Everyone is going crazy and saying the world is going to end this year because of an old Mayan calendar. Why is the world say easy to get into a world-wide panic? Do we all listen to what every one person says. I am tell you that I am not follow this main stream trend and you should look in to this yourself before listening to the news or the internet. The internet is great for information but most of the information is not correct by itself. You have to look at more than one site like research universities is a great place to start if you want to know the truth.

The next time you watch the news I want you to look up one story and see if there facts are right. You will see that the news is not telling you all the truth so you have to learn to think on your own again. When you where a starting to grow up you always asked why did you do this. You did not take no for an answer but you learned more when you where younger than you learn when you are an adult. So I ask you this when is the last time you asked why ?

Thanksgiving or “Trukey Day”

Most people say they hate the holidays but if you ask the same person what was the last song that was stuck in your head. Most of the time it is a holiday song. I love music this happens to me all the time. Right now the song that keep getting stuck is let it snow, and it beginning to look a lot like christmas. The food is my favorite part of thanksgiving and christmas. Then you have all of you loved one’s to share the food and a good time. I like watching its a wonderful life just after thanksgiving day. Most people go out and spent all of their money on the great deal that are going on black friday. I have done that a few time but the lines are way to long and people are animals to save a few dollars on a pair of socks. The store look like they when through a storm and that make the employee work some much harder. I would not want to work that day but most people have to work because the stores do make a lot of money. They do not give their employees a cut of that if they did more people would want to work that day. So what I am getting at is when you are out shopping on black friday do the employees a favor clean up a mess if you where the one who made it. So what are you going to do for thanksgiving? I am going to eat turkey, then sleep for a day, then finish a few projects that I have left for the rest of the school year.