Goldilock’s Zone

Most of you have read the story goldilock’s and the three bear.This is the same idea when it comes life forms on planets. The planet has to be the right distance from the sun. So it is not so hot and not to cold so life can form. Man has been looking up at the stars for thousands of year. It is only in the last 20 years that we call a see about 1% of the universe. We have found a few planets that may have life on them but they are light years away. So we will not be able to see if there is life on them any time soon. Unless they have space ships flying around in there orbit.

The closest star to us is Alpha Centaur There are two stars that are orbiting each other so there are really two stars that are close to us. There may be life in are neighborhood solar system or so we think, It is not in the Goldilock’s Zone but these suns are are not as hot as are sun. So there is still hope. We will be able to send a probe out to take a closer look.

There is one more planet that have people going crazy about it is circling a red dwarf star in the solar system of Gliese 581. This planet is in the Goldilock’s Zone and may have water on it. This is every scientist dream to find life on another planet. So the next time you look up at the star think about how much of the universal is out there and what could be out there?


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