Why do you play videogames?

I have been playing games for over 20 years now so I have seen my fair share of video games. Most people will play a game if you have a few minutes to spare on their phones. Then there are other people that love to play MMO(Mass Multiplayer Online) like WoW(World of Warcraft) or Eve there are about 400,000 players on eve. There are millions of players on WoW but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do you play video games?

Most people would say I play to kick back and get some stress out. It is better than getting in to fights with people. FPS(First Person Shooter) are a get way to get out some stress you may have through the day. As long as you do not play it to long, because if you take a game to serious it will start to make you stress out more. Other people like to play with online with real people this is known as social gaming like Facebook, or Xbox live.

Gaming is big business there are 12 million people who play Wow right now and yes  there are that many people play this game. So if they are pay for the game that ever month most common fees is $14.99 and you times that by 12 million get 180 million dollars. Not every player pays for this monthly fee some people play for free but you can only do so many thing. There sill get a lot of that money. So the next time you play a video game thing about why are you playing and if you have time make a game?

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2 thoughts on “Why do you play videogames?

  1. My fiancee’s sister and boyfriend have actually created their own computer game. I think it’s very cool to create your own game and taking the time to make everything work out just the way you want it. However, I think I will just stick to playing games and let someone do the creating. This is because although it would be cool to create your own and a great way to make loads of money (just look at the kid who created Angry Birds), I do not think I would enjoy coming up with an idea and creating game. But you pose a great thought of why one plays video games and I see many answers to that. It does help for dealing with stress and is a good way to pass time and hang out with friends.

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