Goldilock’s Zone

Most of you have read the story goldilock’s and the three bear.This is the same idea when it comes life forms on planets. The planet has to be the right distance from the sun. So it is not so hot and not to cold so life can form. Man has been looking up at the stars for thousands of year. It is only in the last 20 years that we call a see about 1% of the universe. We have found a few planets that may have life on them but they are light years away. So we will not be able to see if there is life on them any time soon. Unless they have space ships flying around in there orbit.

The closest star to us is Alpha Centaur There are two stars that are orbiting each other so there are really two stars that are close to us. There may be life in are neighborhood solar system or so we think, It is not in the Goldilock’s Zone but these suns are are not as hot as are sun. So there is still hope. We will be able to send a probe out to take a closer look.

There is one more planet that have people going crazy about it is circling a red dwarf star in the solar system of Gliese 581. This planet is in the Goldilock’s Zone and may have water on it. This is every scientist dream to find life on another planet. So the next time you look up at the star think about how much of the universal is out there and what could be out there?


35,000 feet in the air what can you do?

If you do not understand what I am talking about here is the heads up. You are stuck on a plane for hours at a time. So you are bored so what is there to do? Most airlines will be playing a movie that is hard to see and is normal a movie that is five to ten years old. The reason for that is it is cheaper for them. To show a movie in an on a large-scale you must have the copyrights to that movie. Anyway that is the old way to waste some time on an airplane. Thankfully we airlines are starting to get faster internet on plane.

The biggest challenge is that gap of 35,000 feet to the ground. There is no way that you can run a cable to your plane to you have to get the internet from space or on the ground. There are satellites that send you information from the ground and space. So you can update you Facebook, buy something online, check your bank account, and anything else that you can do on the internet. They are also offering you tables on the play that you can play games on, read a book , or watch a movie. So whatever you want to do on your long plane ride you will be at home in the air because of advancing technology.

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Why do you play videogames?

I have been playing games for over 20 years now so I have seen my fair share of video games. Most people will play a game if you have a few minutes to spare on their phones. Then there are other people that love to play MMO(Mass Multiplayer Online) like WoW(World of Warcraft) or Eve there are about 400,000 players on eve. There are millions of players on WoW but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do you play video games?

Most people would say I play to kick back and get some stress out. It is better than getting in to fights with people. FPS(First Person Shooter) are a get way to get out some stress you may have through the day. As long as you do not play it to long, because if you take a game to serious it will start to make you stress out more. Other people like to play with online with real people this is known as social gaming like Facebook, or Xbox live.

Gaming is big business there are 12 million people who play Wow right now and yes  there are that many people play this game. So if they are pay for the game that ever month most common fees is $14.99 and you times that by 12 million get 180 million dollars. Not every player pays for this monthly fee some people play for free but you can only do so many thing. There sill get a lot of that money. So the next time you play a video game thing about why are you playing and if you have time make a game?

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Are your Kids “Safe” on the Internet?

They have not passed a law to update the protection of minor’s scents 1998. There are companies that go after you and your kid’s digital footprint. They use this information to label you and make money off you by selling want you like to do on the internet to big companies. That does not care about you or your kids. To them you are nothing more than a number and dollars signs. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission)  “The changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, however, are likely to do as much to invade children’s privacy as to protect it” ( Adhikari  TechNewsWorld). So do you want your kids out there of the world to know how old they are and other personal info?

Most kid-friendly site does more than protect the information of the clients they even inform what they should not be giving out. In this day and age most people know not to give out your name to people you do not know, you address, you social security number, your pin number, and most people know that you are not going to get any money from a guy that email you for a few hundred dollars you can be a millionaire. So I do not think this law is going to pass because it gives a “free pass” to kids that is all well and good. Anyone can claim that I was a kid and try to get a free pass and do what every they want to do one the internet. So the next time your kid is on the computer take a look at what they are doing that is the easiest way to keep your kid safe on the internet. Do not forget you have a way to lock websites so your kids cannot get to most of the bad websites. Look it up on a search engine or YouTube and you can learn a lot about how to keep you and your kids out of harm’s way.


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