Tust Tube?

Google and youtube are the proud parents of this mix of youtube videos with the stream of like facebook. So is this the next wave in Facebook or the next Myspace. Either way google and youtube are thing to get in the market of social media. If they maybe the next big hit or next big fail but I would not mind going to the same place. I can see it working as long as they do not throw to many Ads in your face. That is why facebook lasted so long it is because did not do that. The only thing that we want to see as a user is what are friends are up to. But the you can not over look the power and money that youtube and google have in there banks. They are a name brand may take them somewhere with this if they do it right. So I say give them a chance and maybe they will have a home run in there pocket.


What is the next app tool?

If you are looking for a new useable app for your android then you will love this “Swiss Army Knife “app. It has everything that a good engineer need compass, bubble level indicator, calculator, flashlight, magnifying glass and stop watch. It has a few more goodies but you will have to get the app to find out more about it. I can say you will never be without a level in your pocket again.

Have you ever needed to look up an old text message to get out of a ticket or to look up that girl’s number you forgot to write down? Then have no fear this app will save your life of at least a headache or two. “SMS backup & restore” saves all of your text messages to your SD card all you have to do in follow a few step and you are good to go on with your life and you will never forget a number or the name of the street that your aunt is on again.

If you live in Japan you may want to get this app it may save your life. “Tawkon”- is an app to alert you about radiation. It may only work in Japan but the idea sound like a good one to me the whole world should have an app that tells us not to go to this place because there are hidden dangers like radiation. These are just a few apps that turn your smart phone into your life saver in more than one way.

If you want to download any of these apps here are the links:

Swiss Army Knife


SMS Backup & Restore




Gregory Walker Tech News update

If you think you can teleport to your class room to your dorm room you are a Startrek fan or a sci fi junkie. Then this is great your news for you, have you ever wanted to talk to you best friend on mars or drive the land rover that is now mars. There are two Universities that are working on this they are University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. They just broke the longest quantum teleportation record is now 143 kilometers (roughly 89 miles). Why is this so big you are thinking to yourself?

 This kind of new break through could lead to “quantum internet”.  So you phone calls will be clearer than ever and your internet will be light years faster. You can talk to someone on Mars in a matter of seconds. Right now to control the mars rover it takes 7 minutes for the pilot to send what he wants the rover to do. When we get this working it will take seconds. If you are the government looking for a safe line to talk on to keep are troops out of harm’s way this is the way you want to do it. If you want to have better security for your network so you company does not get hacked then you will get quantum-level encryption. This is the next wave of technology were everything is faster and we can do things that we could only think of in TV shows or in movies.

The main idea of Quantum teleportation is this they “photons that encode the quantum states have to be transported reliably over long distances without compromising the fragile quantum state“( Dr Rupert Ursin). What does this mean you are thinking to yourself. It is like taking an atom storing data on the atom a senting to a near lightspeed to a computer that is miles away in a the matter of seconds downloading a library of information in the blink of an eye. We are getting close to teleportation but we may never teleport people that may just have to stay a dream for now or will it ……… Stay tuned only time will tell.

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